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2021 AA Season Overview 


  • A 10 Game minium season starting in Early April for all ages, games will be played Friday - Sunday.  The league has determined the days/nights of play, they are as follows: Saturday (one game), Sunday (one game) and Friday's (make-up games).  The league will attempt to over-schedule games on all playable days/dates within the online described league calendar (listed on the AYL Baseball homepage).  Doing so, teams will have more games scheduled than the described minium.  Should the league deem a game needs to be canceled (at the BOD's discretion) the game will not be made-up unless a team has less than the 10 game minium season.
  • All teams at age 6 and up will play at the "AA" level.
  • Season opening AA season opening Jamboree April 2nd and 3rd (2 game exhibition due to Easter on 4/4) for all ages.
  • Coach pitch formats will be played at age 6 and 7.
  • A modified coach pitch format will be played at the 8 years old level.
  • All ages, all teams, may be AA National or AA American, American being the higher level of competition.
  • League games will not be scheduled on Easter Sunday, Mother's Day or Memorial Day weekend. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Weekends that show no games does not mean it will not have games, weather does impact baseball and games will be loaded on available weekends for play.  
  • There are no bye requests for regular season or playoff games.  
  • Any team that is unavailable for the playoffs or World Series due to outside tournament conflicts or travel will be removed from the end of season AYL playoffs.
  • The division size(s) (number of teams) will be determined by the AYL BOD.  All teams will be reviewed and seeded to determine the appropriate participation level for each team.
  • At the conclusion of the regular season play, all teams will participate in a double elimination playoff.  The playoffs will begin in early June and and conclude in late June.  Trophies will be awarded to the top 2 teams participating in the World Series game. There are no trophies for regular season finish.
  • The above described season is subject to change at any time by the AYL Baseball BOD.