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Thank you for choosing AYL Baseball - here, you'll be able to get League information, updates, game schedules, game results, field directions, and more.

Team registration process and Member Club information can be found on the individual Member Club website.  Please contact your area member club or email the Member Club delegate found by clicking the AYL Baseball Board tab shown above left.

Check back frequently for the latest information about our league.


AYL 2020 AA Jamboree

AYL AA season opening Jamboree will be held on 4/4 through 4/5 2020.

  • AYL AA teams only.
  • Ages 6 & 7 will play 3 game exhibition format.
  • Ages 8 - 13/14 will play 3gg (2 pool/single elim).


Game balls provided.




posted 10/07/2019
2020 AYL Calendar/All Levels


AYL 2020 Season Schedule: 

  • AYL Baseball Schedules posted:
    • C-Prep League ~ 2/19/20
    • 9 - 14 Year Old AAA/MAJ Leagues ~ 2/19/20
    • 8 Year Old AAA Leagues ~ 3/18/20
    • 6 - 13/14 AA League ~ 3/18/20
  • AYL AA Jamboree Dates ~ 4/4/20 - 4/5/20 (Included for all AA teams)
    • 3 Games Minimum
  • C-Prep League:
    • Season Opener ~ 3/2/20
      • 8 Games min + overschedule module + Single Elimination Playoffs
      • Rosters are Frozen! ~ 4/1/20
    • Season End ~ 5/7/20
    • Playoffs ~ 5/11/20 ~ 5/14/20
    • World Series ~ 5/20/20 (lower) ~ 5/21/20 (upper) ~ TBD
  • AAA/MAJ League (8-13):
    • 9 - 13 AAA/MAJ Season Opener ~ 3/9/20      
      • 10 Games min + overschedule module  + Single Elimination Playoffs
    • 8 AAA Season Opener  ~ 4/6/20
      • 10 Games min + overschedule module + Single Elimination Playoffs
    • AAA/MAJ League Season End ~ 5/29/20
    • AAA/MAJ League Playoffs ~ 6/3/20 – 6/6/20
    • AAA/MAJ League World Series: Both AAA/Majors ~ 6/9/20 ~ 6/10/20
  • AA League (6-13/14):
    • AYL AA "Season Opening" Jamboree ~ 4/3/20 – 4/5/20
    • AYL Regular Season Opener ~ 4/11
    • 10 games min + overschedule module + Double Elimination Playoffs
    • AA Regular Season End ~ 6/7/20
    • AA League Playoffs ~ 6/8/20 – 6/21/20 
    • NOTE: (Games could be played during the week)
    • AA League World Series:  AA ~ 6/23/20 ~ 6/24/20 (6/30/20 ~ 7/1/20 make-up dates)
  • Important Dates:
    • AA/AAA/Majors rosters are Frozen! – 4/30/20
    • Rockies night – Friday 6/12/2020 – Pittsburgh Pirates


posted 07/10/2015
AYL Baseball 2020


~ Welcome to AYL Baseball ~

"Youth Baseball Elevated"

The (AYL) Arapahoe Youth League Baseball Organization IS the Premier Youth Competitive Baseball League Located north towards I-70 and South to Castle Rock, East from Aurora, to the top of the Foothills West. Our Community Based league includes four (4) main divisions of play, Zero League play, Competitive play (AAA and Majors Divisions) and Developmental play (AA Division), plus our 14-year-old pre-high school program 

The AYL is organized by Member Clubs that manage different territories and teams are formed by minimum in territory player requirements. Teams start at the 6-year-old age level and continue through 14 year olds (8th grade) level.


Bear Creek

Cherry Creek "Bruins"

Castle Rock "Raptors"

Denver "Eagles"

Parker "Hawks"

South Jeffco

Aurora "Spartans"

Littleton "Thunder"

Highlands Ranch/Lone Tree "Warriors"

  • 15 U High School League
    • Single Division – This program is designed to offer High School kids an opportunity to participate one more season. This is a competitive program intended for Freshman High School kids. 
  • C-Prep League
    • Upper/Lower Divisions – This program is designed to prepare older kids for High School baseball and is played on the same size field as High Schools.  This is a competitive program intended to ready players for the next level.  (7th and 8th graders ONLY)
  • Competitive League
    • Majors – The Majors program represents experienced players that show a high level of competition in the AYL.  
    • AAA – Our AAA Level represents a large number of players in our league.  It is for more experienced players that are close to reaching Majors level of play.
  • Developmental League 
    • ​AA - This is our largest program, and as our entry level it is still a very competitive division and is intended for only those at an early level of experience or those not ready for the other level commitments.  

For over 50 years, the AYL has produced an outstanding atmosphere for competitive and developmental baseball in South Denver and the surrounding Metro Areas. We are a community-based league that is played within the boundaries of our member clubs.  

It is the AYL baseball Board's mission to support youth athletic programs that exist to help children in the development of positive life skills and self-concepts.  It is the AYL mission to foster and teach the basic skills and fundamentals of a sport, to offer a safe and nurturing environment and to teach the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork and integrity, while sharing with their family, coaches and teammates the emotions of success and failure.  In addition, our main purpose is to provide a safe, enjoyable opportunity for all participants that is challenging and above all else, FUN!

We thrilled that you have chosen AYL as your baseball family ~ AYL Baseball Board

posted 07/10/2015
AYL concussion for training for all coaches!

It is now mandatory that all coaches that coach in the AYL must take the NFHS Concussion Class.  For more info click on Senate Bill 40 click the menu button to the left or to take the certification class now click here.


posted 04/19/2011
Game/Weather Info

Generally we update/post the
"Today's Game Field Status" indicator (located below) by 3pm on weekdays, 7am on Saturdays and 9am on Sundays.  As a good practice you should check this area after the stated times.

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